Sunday, July 31, 2005

Actress Sandra Bullock marries TV host Jesse James

Sandra Bullock marries TV host

Sandra Bullock 'Miss Congeniality' is now 'Mrs. Congeniality' as she has speed married the host of US show Monster Garage Jesse James at a ranch in the state's wine country. Some 100 people attended the wedding held at a ranch in Folded Hills located in the Santa Ynez Valley. Some of the famous people present at the wedding include William Shatner, Jamie Lee Curtis, Regina King, James Hetfield. This will be the first marriage for 40 year old actress. However, She was once engaged to actor Tate Donovan in 1994. The film actress was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier this year.

James is married twice before. He was most recently married to adult film star Janine Lindemulder. He has two children by his first marriage, Chandler and Jesse James Jr., and one by his second, Sunny James.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Kate Hudson and Hollywood Bad Karma

Kate Hudson

It seems that, actress Kate Hudson is scared of Hollywood's bad karma and she carries a bottle of water, so she can spray it over her body, each time she meets someone bounded by “negative energy”.

The 26 year old says, "When I'm around people who have bad energy, I usually carry some water and I just kind of, like, put it on myself.

"It's not like a holy water, just something to cleanse myself if someone's really negative. And I carry around crystals too. I feel it's essential to guard yourself" the actress added.

Hudson, daughter of Goldie Hawn, also affirmed she believes in the sixth sense and claims everyone has it. "I'm not afraid of that kind of stuff. I think everyone's psychic. It just believes in your intuition".

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Katie holmes in bras

Katie holmes in bras
Katie holmes in bras

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

How to choose perfect fitting bra

First and foremost thing required in getting a perfect fitting bra is the measurement just under the bust. Use a cm tape to measure the width just under your bust and around the back. Once you get this measurement half work is done. This measurement will give you band size. If the measurement is an odd number like 35 then your measurement is next even number i.e. 36.

Now measure your bust just leaving your nipples around the back. This measurement will give you your cup size. If this measurement is more then 1 inch then the previous one, your cup size is A. B if it is +2 inches and so on. When you put your bra on make sure you lean forward, lift your breasts and place them deep inside the cup. The bone of the undergarment should be resting directly where the breasts stem from the ribs. Once under there, your bra will support your breasts correctly,

Home remedies for after mask

Home remedies for after mask

Do you wish to make your skin glow without paying hefty beauty parlor bills? Here is an inexpensive home remedy for after mask which will help to rub off the dead skin and would in turn make your skin glow.

Ingredients for home remedies for after mask:

Sea salt: Half cup (ordinary salt will also do)
Coconut oil: 2 Tbs
Whole milk

Method of preparation for after mask:

Mix salt and coconut oil in a bowl till it becomes paste. Rub the freshly prepared mixture to your face and body for 2-3 minutes. Remember not to do it too hard or else it will leave a sore skin. Rinse your skin gently with warm water. Mix a cup of plain curd (use skimmed milk curd if your skin is oily) with a few spoon of whole milk (skimmed if oily skin). Now apply the mixture where you rubbed the salt and coconut oil mixture. Leave it for few minutes. Its party time now....:)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Diaz topless photos case: Man convicted

A photographer was convicted of gorging signature of to sell topless photo of her which he took sometimes in past when Cameron Diaz was not famous 11 years ago. The convicted John Rutter is aged 42. He tried fake signature of Cameron Diaz in order to earn huge sum by selling steamy photos he took in 1992.

Diaz admitted in the trial that she got herself photographed at the age of 19 but never signed an agreememnt with the photographer which could entitle her to sell the photos. Rutter faces up to six years in prison.

Lady Isabella Joins Playboy

Lady Isabella Playboy

Lady Isabella Hervey has announced that she is the new face for playboy UK where she will promote Playboy UK's website and TV channels. "It's very classy," she said. "Playboy UK wanted somebody who had an innocence about them but could look sexy at the same time.

Fans of Lady Isabella Hervey who had a tough time after the end of Celebrity Love Island will have a reason to celebrate. And why not, they are going to see more of her. Having spent several weeks in bikini for the show, she has gone a step further by shedding some more inhibition. She is going to be first reality TV star promoting a adult TV channel.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Britney Spears due in September

Britney Spears is going to give birth to her 1st baby in September. It is expected that if everything goes normal, the birth will be televised on a special two-hour live segment of her reality show, Britney and Kevin: Chaotic. Spears told reporters that she was "taking this high-risk artistic move in an effort to claim ownership of our own miracle."

"Rather than allowing the False Tabloids?© to control and distort the coverage of this unique event," said Spears, "we have decided to provide our fans with the actual raw, maybe even yucky, footage and let them come to their own conclusions."

Spears' publicist, Sonia Muckle, immediately praised the decision for its courage and artistic daring.

Body brushing a must for proper circulation

Body brushing a must for proper circulation

Body brushing is essential as it stimulates blood circulation. Brushing one's body could eliminate many toxins when circulation is stimulated. You could use a body sponge and brush in circular motion to remove any dead cells that could be present. Back of the thigh, elbows and knees should be given special attention. Even little higher yemperature of water could stimulate circulation in the body.

Dry brushing one's skin just before shower is a proper way to stimulate the natural oil glands in your body. Using a natural bristle body brush, you could start from your feet and lightly brush your skin in a circular motion. Follow by a warm shower and slather your body with your favourite moisturizer.

Only go for best fitting lingerie

best fitting lingerie

This is matter of the past when women did not used to give much importance to their undergarments. Now raggy and saggy looking bra is something of the past. Your undergarments should be nice, comfortable and not to forget proper fitting too. Bra is one of the most important clothing. If not it should be considered as one. It might be that you have to shell out some extra dollars but the investment is worth the price as it could change your appearance immensely.

Strong strap is suggested for larger breasts. The bra of this nature would push your breasts higher and not let it sag by the weight. For smaller breasts padded bra or bra that gives you a look of fullness is recommended. What ever the size may be it is always recommended that you should consult an expert for help which you could find in any lingerie shop. Don't buy a lingerie like a vegetable. Spend some time in choosing a right pair which will enhance your beauty.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

More men are buying online for lingerie

Women Lingerie

More men are turning to an online business in Warwickshire to take the discomfiture out of buying lingerie for their dear ones.

Husbands and boyfriends have been flocking to Rugby-based following its recent launch by ex- Coventry Blue Coat schoolgirl Vicky Cudworth.

The online business - which sells an wide-ranging range of lingerie including lines made prominent by Hollywood stars - was set up by the 21-year-old former dancer who said about 70 per cent of clientele were men.

Miss Cudworth said her company provided an ultimate solution for husbands and boyfriends to inconspicuously purchase lingerie for their wives and girlfriends without having to get embarrassed in a shop.

Not to strip any more, Paris Hilton vows

Celebrity heiress Paris Hilton took 2 vows after her infamous sex tape was released on Internet chat rooms, to go for just nice guys and to in no way appear nude on screen all over again.

She was quoted as saying in about her Greek shipping heir fiancé Paris Latsis: "I used to go for bad guys however now I have the best guy in the world."

And lately when the producers of the horror movie House Of Wax asked her to strip, she declined. She said: "They wanted me to do nudity - but I said no. I wore my lingerie. I won't do it."

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Better not to wear a bra then a cheap bra

A few Hollywood actresses are precautious regarding revealing too much flesh, however 20 year old Scarlett Johansson had to be convinced to keep her underwear on, her director in The Island, Michael Bay, exposed.

Talking before Monday's New York first performance of the thriller, which stars Johansson and Ewan McGregor as human being clones on the run, Bay said he was ready for the usual artist nerves when it came to shooting a love scene between the both leads.

He was summoned to Johansson's trailer, and he fully expected to have to reassure the star of Lost in Translation that her privacy and self-respect would be protected in the scene. Instead, said Bay, "She's standing there and she says, 'I'm not wearing this cheap ... bra. I'm going naked'."

Friday, July 22, 2005

Beach volleyball and saggy breasts for women

According to top German surgeon, playing beach volleyball could lead to sagging breasts for women. Summer sports are very popular in Germany and women seldom think before jumping in their bras for beach volleyball at this occasion. While the physical effort might be excellent for the rest of the body, all the jumping and somersaulting involved in beach volleyball puts a tension on women's breasts.

Vigorous activities and vibrations enlarge the tissue around the breasts, which can lead to lasting sagginess. The woman breasts, even small ones, were not made for swinging up and down 300 times within a small period of time, as happens in beach volleyball. Wearing a sports bra could be a solution but not a permanent one.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Go backless or strapless

Like a superior man, a superior bra can be tough to find. So many women practice bra monogamy: They find a close-fitting brassiere, buy duplicates and rely on that single brand and style to work with everything. But special occasions and outfits, like the shoulder-baring halters and spaghetti-strap camisoles that are so hot this season, call for special undergarments, said Shellie Schwartz of Schwartz's Intimate Apparel in Wilmette.

She and Sara Tervo, Victoria's Secret spokeswoman, decided to be matchmakers for WomanNews, helping to pair form-fitting, sheer or revealing summer fashions with suitable undergarments.

A caveat on color: To ensure undergarment invisibility, skin-toned bras and panties work best beneath most colors, including white. But for black outfits, black bras and panties are best, Schwartz said.