Monday, July 25, 2005

Only go for best fitting lingerie

best fitting lingerie

This is matter of the past when women did not used to give much importance to their undergarments. Now raggy and saggy looking bra is something of the past. Your undergarments should be nice, comfortable and not to forget proper fitting too. Bra is one of the most important clothing. If not it should be considered as one. It might be that you have to shell out some extra dollars but the investment is worth the price as it could change your appearance immensely.

Strong strap is suggested for larger breasts. The bra of this nature would push your breasts higher and not let it sag by the weight. For smaller breasts padded bra or bra that gives you a look of fullness is recommended. What ever the size may be it is always recommended that you should consult an expert for help which you could find in any lingerie shop. Don't buy a lingerie like a vegetable. Spend some time in choosing a right pair which will enhance your beauty.


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