Thursday, December 30, 2004

Overweight women on pills have a higher chances of pregnancy

According to a new finding overweight women on pill have a higher chances of getting pregnant. An overweight women have as high as 60-70% higher chances to conceive then a slim women. Scientist at US compared results of 248 overweight women on pills who became pregnant with 533 non pregnant women using same method of birth control.

This higher risk of pregnancy translates into a higher number of obesity-related complications of pregnancy, which range from gestational diabetes and high blood pressure to Caesarean delivery. Obesity is a health hazard but now it is also linked with unplanned pregnancy. "The more a person weighs, the higher their basal metabolic rate, which can shorten the duration of the medication's effectiveness," said Dr Holt.

Higher suicide risk in women with breast implant : A recent study

Higher suicide risk in women with breast implant : A recent study

According to a new study women who have breast implant have a high rate of suicide risk then a women without it and also they have a higher gistory of psychiatric illness. There is no evidence that the procedure of implant have any impact on this high risk. Compared to general women, women with breast implant show high suicide risk as much as 2-3 times.

The study was made on 2800 danish women who went cosmetic breast implant between 1973 to 1999. This study also included 7000 women who had breast reduction and 1700 women who had other types of cosmetic surgery. the research was done to have a data for the possible illness due to breast implant such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus but the result were shocking as suicide emerged as the major risk associated with breast implant.