Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Home remedies for after mask

Home remedies for after mask

Do you wish to make your skin glow without paying hefty beauty parlor bills? Here is an inexpensive home remedy for after mask which will help to rub off the dead skin and would in turn make your skin glow.

Ingredients for home remedies for after mask:

Sea salt: Half cup (ordinary salt will also do)
Coconut oil: 2 Tbs
Whole milk

Method of preparation for after mask:

Mix salt and coconut oil in a bowl till it becomes paste. Rub the freshly prepared mixture to your face and body for 2-3 minutes. Remember not to do it too hard or else it will leave a sore skin. Rinse your skin gently with warm water. Mix a cup of plain curd (use skimmed milk curd if your skin is oily) with a few spoon of whole milk (skimmed if oily skin). Now apply the mixture where you rubbed the salt and coconut oil mixture. Leave it for few minutes. Its party time now....:)


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