Saturday, February 18, 2006

Fox Glove Herb

We are associated with herbs with appetizing food, gentle healing, beautiful gardens and sacred activities. The modern pharmacists took the cue from the old herbalists who used Fox Glove Herb for various purposes in medicine.

Digitalis purpurea derives its common name as Fox Glove Herb from its flowers that resemble the shape of finger of a glove. Grows abundantly in siliceous and loamy soils across the Europe. It is rich in medicinal values. Its leaves extract is mostly used by the Italians to heal wounds and old sores. It is used in ointments that cure swellings, ulcers and sores. Medications for congestive heart failure use this herb because of its ability to increase systolic contractions. It contains compounds that act as stimulants and diuretics. It is also used in medicines to cure heart problems associated with hypertension. Its decoction is used to cleanse tough phlegm and to open obstructions of liver and spleen. It has been found that its decoction with a blend of polipody cures the falling sickness in divers. Digoxin present in the leaves of this herb is highly used in pharmaceutical manufacture.

Over dose of the medicines made of Fox Glove Herb is not safe. Digoxin interferes with the electrical rhythm of the heart, causing irregular heartbeat, and also causes a variety of other symptoms including diarrhea, headache and vomiting. It is better to consume on the physician’s advice. Every part of foxglove is poisonous and always keeps kids away from it.

Prevention For At Risk Adolescent

Adolescents are prone to damaging behaviors in the present times. Alcoholism, drugs, unsafe sex and pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases are all putting them at risk. The factors that make them susceptible to the risks are far too many and Prevention For At Risk Adolescent is the panacea.

It is estimated that there are seven million adolescents in America. One out of four of them are prone to high-risk behaviors. The other dire consequences of non Prevention For At Risk Adolescent are increase in pre mature sex and motor vehicle deaths. Girls are conceiving at a young age and are at risk of health problems. It has supposed that 25% of all the adolescents are infected with a sexually transmitted disease before their schooling. The most dreaded factor being AIDS.

Many adolescents are growing into adults with low expectations of themselves. They carry high risk and become anti social elements. Some of the measures for Prevention For At Risk Adolescent are:

  • Institution of Family: Family is the major social unit for emotional development in the adolescent. Understanding family dynamics helps therapists to diagnose the psychic problem. Parents should take the front seat in shaping up their children’s future.
  • Culture Consciousness: Most of the youth are not culture conscious. Culture is the guide for civilization. Culture rich education shoud be the motto.

  • Youth festivals: Organizing youth festivals and consultancies also help in discovering one self. Youth shoud be educated on the ill effects of damaging behaviors. Various camps should be organized to counsel the physical and mental ailments.

Paris hotel weddings Las Vegas

To plan for a memorable wedding in the most exciting locations of Las Vegas really makes the couples to remember the event for a long time. Among the several options for such a wedding, Paris hotel weddings Las Vegas stands as the best choice for the couples. In fact, the hotel has four different locations, including Parisian-style wedding chapels. If this is not to their liking, then they can move towards the Eiffel Tower Observation Deck for a romantic wedding. There are also two chapels – one can accommodate up to 100 people and another 25 people, decorated with romantic pastels and garden murals. The Paris hotel weddings Las Vegas also offers different wedding packages ranging from $ 629 to $ 8,000 for the convenience of the couples. Though most of the last-minute arrangements are a must, there are service providers on hand who help the guests to complete tasks without much loss of time.

The bride and the bridegroom on arrival at Paris hotel weddings Las Vegas can straightaway go to the shopping malls for selecting engagement ring. Since there a number of varieties available in the showrooms, the couples need to decide on what their priorities or likings? Is it the ruby or diamond or sapphire or emerald studded golden rings that the bride likes to wear? Is there any other specification that they like to have in the ring for the most memorable moment in their life? After deciding on this, the couples can shop for bridal wear to get most beautiful gown for the bride with latest design that the city is known to offer. Later, they can also order on how the chapel or the wedding hall needs to be decorated and with a different set of flowers that are unique to the place. The Paris hotel weddings Las Vegas really turns out to be a memorable event if the couples take interest in deciding each and every item as per their likings.

The more the couples show interest in the finer aspects of the event, it turns out to be much more spectacular than they would have imagined in Las Vegas. The Paris hotel weddings Las Vegas has something special for those coming to celebrate events. Food can be ordered at the five-theme based restaurants to their delight. The La Raclette area
Provides cured meats, steamed potatoes, assorted vegetables and French bread. On the other, La Grillade offers a selection of assorted skewers of meat, seafood and grilled sausages. Apart from the food, the newlywed couples along with their guests can shake their legs to the accompaniment of popular music in the hall after cutting the wedding cake. The Paris hotel weddings Las Vegas turns out to be memorable with the specialty champagne that is served to suit the occasion. In fact, the honeymoon holiday in one of the themed rooms help the newlywed couples to romance with heavenly pleasure.

Besom and ritual and herbs

The belief in supernatural powers drives up people to seek the help of witches to get rid of the evils. The besom and ritual and herbs are very important in removing the spell of evil from the affected person. The witches’-broom is said to have endowed with super natural powers that help in driving away the spirits and to get back the luck. The witch uses the magic broom to clean the area before commencing the elaborate process of rituals. It is also said that the sweeping helps in mentally preparing any individual for the ritual. In a way, the besom acts as a purifier in the ritual process and the witch makes use of it in a magical way to remove the evil spirit by the end of the ritual. The experienced witch in the ritual closely connects the besom and ritual and herbs with the entire process of driving away the negative influence.

The cinnamon besom is used to get over the hindrances and clear the path in decision-making and in prearranging good luck. In fact, several people hang the cinnamon besom at the main entrance of the house to ward off negative influence. Though the use of besom and ritual and herbs is considered to be witchcraft, people in dire situations turn to these procedures to quickly ward off the evils from their homes or offices. It is also said that people get good fortune if they use it appropriately for psychic cleansing of homes.

Herbs and list and spell and cast

The use of herbs for getting rid of diseases that afflict people is in practice for several centuries. With the advent of modern medicine based on scientific examination of the ingredients made use of in the drug and its validity on gaining health resulted in other forms of medication losing faith among the people. The more potential herbs and list and spell and cast with medicinal properties help in complete cure of the ailments gradually. In fact, the herbal preparations have no chemicals or any synthetic compounds and this ensures that the patients will not get any side effects. The herbal medicines ensure delivery fine preparations with potential medication that results fast healing process for many diseases. The herbs and list and spell and cast with medicinal properties and healing procedures are a lengthy procedure that can only be administered by an experienced doctor.

The herbal remedies though ensure complete cure to a large number of diseases, the modern medicine has taken over the imagination of people. This has resulted in dwindling patronage to the traditional methods of treatments with the use of herbs. The success of herbal medicines is their pure form of delivery, as the doctors prefer to give the medicine without adding any other material. However, the addition of other items some times turn the medicine to lose its effectiveness in treating the ailments. The herbs and list and spell and cast help a large number of people to get treatment at a lesser cost and without any side effects.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Carmen Electra, fetish for sex

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra the former baywatch babe revealed that she is very much obsessed with sex and she even said that she thinks of sex every 8 seconds. She also said that she likes being with dangerous people and is always being attracted towards bad boys. She thinks that dangerous men are more exiting. Well we guess she never gets into real trouble.

"I'm addicted to orgasms. For like two minutes it feels like you're leaving your body. There's nothing like it." Isn't everyone pretty much addicted to orgasms? She also admitted that though she is addicted to dangerous men, she considers herself as a good girl.

Paris Hilton and her Secret Diaries

Paris Hilton and her Secret Diaries

The latest buzz: Paris Hilton left her personal diaries in a locker and forgot to pay rent. The locker was sold for £1,500. The probable things in locker include videotape and other things, which are not known at the moment. EOnline reported another important incident recently. "Sultan of Sleaze" David Hans Schmidt, a Phoenix-based broker plans to auction off Paris Hilton's possessions for $20 million.

Schmidt claims to have obtained these items from an unknown buyer, which includes the contents of the storage locker. People around the world due to potentially explosive contents curiously want the diary of Paris Hilton, which is supposed to be present in the auction. Paris Hilton herself is upset about the diaries as it contains personal information. She is desperatly trying her best to get her diary back.