Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Can Breast be enlarged?

Breast Enlargement
Can Breast be enlarged? Yes, breast can be enlarged and the technique is rather simple. A space is created behind breast tissues and an artificial breast or prosthesis is placed. Surgeons could also use a inflatable prosthesis. The operation is very simple. It takes 45 minutes for complete operation of breast enlargement. The scars for it fade with time.

The biggest disadvantage of breast enlargement operation is that sometimes body reacts with prosthesis. Once this happens breast begin to feel hard and looks unnatural. One of the precautions for this is compression exercise after the operation. The other method is to manipulate the implant regularly to keep the tissues around it stretched and supple. Once the problem sets in, it might become necessary to operate and remove the implant.

Breast implant do not increase the risk of cancer nor can a tumor be missed because of it.


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