Friday, November 19, 2004

Drinking During Pregnancy could Hurt Baby IQ

A recent study indicates that babies who do not have fetal alcohol syndrome could still have lower IQ. The pregnant mothers if consumes large amount of alcohal could put their baby at risk for fetal alcohol syndrome. This leads to mental imbalance, retarded growth, development problems.

This is not compulsary that every baby with heavy drinking mothers would develop fetal alcohol syndrome but they can still be with low IQ levels. The BIG WORD is "don't drink during pregnancy".

Pills to end pregnancy can end your life too

The pill used for ending pregnancy could end life too

A pill used after sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy coused death to a teenager in California. If this pill is taken, it can lead to serious bacterial infections.

The Food and Drug Administration sent doctors a letter about the warning for Mifeprex - sometimes called RU-486 - on Nov. 12, saying: "You should be aware of serious and sometimes fatal infections and bleeding that occur rarely following spontaneous (miscarriage), surgical and medical abortions, including following the use of Mifeprex, and childbirth".

The case was because Holly Patterson 18 year old from East Bay died in sept 2003 when she tried to end 7 week old pregnancy with RU-486.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

First Pregnancy and breast cancer

First Pregnancy and breast cancer

According to new research more and more evidence is there which points to the fact that child bearing factors generally in first pregnancy could create risk for women for breast cancer. Very premature delivery increases the risk by 2 fold for breast cancer.

The above was discussed at International journal of cancer. There is also a risk of brease cancer when women have twins or triplets during their first pregnancy. This was even more stronger in women when the gave delivery to twins or triplets after the age of 30.