Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Frizzy hair - Hair Care

Frizzy hair - Hair Care

When you go our the air moisture is absorbed into the hair without you knowing it. Due to the absorbtion of moisture in the hair, hair looks dry and lacks lusture. It is very difficult to control such type of hairs. This type of problem occurs when rough treatment is given to the hairs. This may also occur due to tight hair bands.

You could get rid of this by doing certain steps. Allow the lather of the shampoo to get into roots of the hairs when you wast your hairs. If you use gels apply it when the hair is wet for best results. If you are going to use conditioners use it from the mid to the end of the hairs or you could use a leave-in conditionar.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Back pain during pregnancy

If you have back pain during pregnancy, nothing to panic. It is one of the major problem faced during pregnancy due to changes in hormones level and some of these:-

`` The harmonies imbalance during pregnancy siften ligaments and could also cause strained ligaments.
`` Problems caused due to growth of uterus as the posture of the body changes due to it.
`` The baby position could cause strain in nerves and hence back pain.

Try avoiding putting too much stress on your back. Do not bend by keeping your leg straight. Try to sleep on your sides. Exercise is also important during pregnancy. Do consult your doctor before trying anything as wrong exercise could do a lot of harm to your baby. Though it is always better to do a slow walk for 15-20 minutes daily.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Yoga during pregnancy

Sukhasana: Yoga for pregnancy

Sukhasana: Yoga for pregnancy

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Keep your hands on the knees. Relax your shoulders and ankles. Keep your spine erect while sitting. Feel your breadth while sitting in this position.

`` good for hip joint.
`` Could be performed during pregnancy



Sit in the sukhasana as explained above. Move arms upwards to join palms. Do remember to inhale while doing this action. Try to be in this position for 8-10 breadth. Come to normal position while exhaling.

`` strengthening of chest muscles.
`` helpful in backaches. Gives more oxygen to the body.

Dhanur Asana : yoga to cure menstrual and problems related to reproductive organs.

DHANUR ASANA :  yoga to cure menstrual and problems related to reproductive organs.

This asana coupled with bhujanga asana forms a series of exercises which is beneficial to the body when done together. The bhujanga asana is explained below. Bhujanga asana flexes the spine and dhanur asana extends it.

Note: Don't do this exercise when you are pregnant as it puts extra pressure on abdomen.

DHANUR ASANA: how to do it?

`` Lie on the floor with your stomoch facing ground with arms extended and one of the cheeks on floor. While benfing your knee bring your feet up. Now hold to your ankles with your hand.

`` Inhale to your full. Keep your head and neck straight. Don't bend your arms and pull the entire body upwords by holding your breath. Lift head chest and thighs off the floor. Hold on to this position for 5 seconds.

`` Exhale and return to the floor. Keep holding your ankles while return. Keep the cheeks as before and relax your body and breath in normal way.

`` free the ankles and and slowly bring your legs to floor. Relax for 10 seconds. Congratulation, you have completed one round successfully.

Note: Don't over do this asana. Start this with 1-2 rounds and go upto 4.


`` Strengthens joints of the body.
`` Strengthens abdominal muscles.
`` Improvement of digestive system.
`` Good for people with respiratory problems
`` benefits for women as it corrects menstrual cycle.
`` helps in reproductive organs troubles in women.