Saturday, February 18, 2006

Fox Glove Herb

We are associated with herbs with appetizing food, gentle healing, beautiful gardens and sacred activities. The modern pharmacists took the cue from the old herbalists who used Fox Glove Herb for various purposes in medicine.

Digitalis purpurea derives its common name as Fox Glove Herb from its flowers that resemble the shape of finger of a glove. Grows abundantly in siliceous and loamy soils across the Europe. It is rich in medicinal values. Its leaves extract is mostly used by the Italians to heal wounds and old sores. It is used in ointments that cure swellings, ulcers and sores. Medications for congestive heart failure use this herb because of its ability to increase systolic contractions. It contains compounds that act as stimulants and diuretics. It is also used in medicines to cure heart problems associated with hypertension. Its decoction is used to cleanse tough phlegm and to open obstructions of liver and spleen. It has been found that its decoction with a blend of polipody cures the falling sickness in divers. Digoxin present in the leaves of this herb is highly used in pharmaceutical manufacture.

Over dose of the medicines made of Fox Glove Herb is not safe. Digoxin interferes with the electrical rhythm of the heart, causing irregular heartbeat, and also causes a variety of other symptoms including diarrhea, headache and vomiting. It is better to consume on the physician’s advice. Every part of foxglove is poisonous and always keeps kids away from it.


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