Saturday, February 18, 2006

Besom and ritual and herbs

The belief in supernatural powers drives up people to seek the help of witches to get rid of the evils. The besom and ritual and herbs are very important in removing the spell of evil from the affected person. The witches’-broom is said to have endowed with super natural powers that help in driving away the spirits and to get back the luck. The witch uses the magic broom to clean the area before commencing the elaborate process of rituals. It is also said that the sweeping helps in mentally preparing any individual for the ritual. In a way, the besom acts as a purifier in the ritual process and the witch makes use of it in a magical way to remove the evil spirit by the end of the ritual. The experienced witch in the ritual closely connects the besom and ritual and herbs with the entire process of driving away the negative influence.

The cinnamon besom is used to get over the hindrances and clear the path in decision-making and in prearranging good luck. In fact, several people hang the cinnamon besom at the main entrance of the house to ward off negative influence. Though the use of besom and ritual and herbs is considered to be witchcraft, people in dire situations turn to these procedures to quickly ward off the evils from their homes or offices. It is also said that people get good fortune if they use it appropriately for psychic cleansing of homes.


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