Saturday, February 18, 2006

Prevention For At Risk Adolescent

Adolescents are prone to damaging behaviors in the present times. Alcoholism, drugs, unsafe sex and pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases are all putting them at risk. The factors that make them susceptible to the risks are far too many and Prevention For At Risk Adolescent is the panacea.

It is estimated that there are seven million adolescents in America. One out of four of them are prone to high-risk behaviors. The other dire consequences of non Prevention For At Risk Adolescent are increase in pre mature sex and motor vehicle deaths. Girls are conceiving at a young age and are at risk of health problems. It has supposed that 25% of all the adolescents are infected with a sexually transmitted disease before their schooling. The most dreaded factor being AIDS.

Many adolescents are growing into adults with low expectations of themselves. They carry high risk and become anti social elements. Some of the measures for Prevention For At Risk Adolescent are:

  • Institution of Family: Family is the major social unit for emotional development in the adolescent. Understanding family dynamics helps therapists to diagnose the psychic problem. Parents should take the front seat in shaping up their children’s future.
  • Culture Consciousness: Most of the youth are not culture conscious. Culture is the guide for civilization. Culture rich education shoud be the motto.

  • Youth festivals: Organizing youth festivals and consultancies also help in discovering one self. Youth shoud be educated on the ill effects of damaging behaviors. Various camps should be organized to counsel the physical and mental ailments.


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