Saturday, June 26, 2004

Junk food during pregnancy, How to prevent cravings

Women should try to put check on their craving for junk food during pregnancy. During pregnancy mother needs food with all the valuable nutrients for proper child growth. However a bit sugar & fat could be occasionally taken but a proper choice of food is very necessary. Some prevention could be done to reduce the cravings:-

`` Eating breakfast regularly- Eating breakfast daily would reduce the craving during mid morning. A proper balanced breakfast with juice, yogurt, fruit, toast with jam would be ideal for pregnant women.

`` Exercise regularly:- A good workout could be a good way to curb hunger.

`` In small amount :- If you crave for ice cream then it is better to restrict to some spoonfuls then a bowl of it.

`` Mood swings :- During pregnancy a women needs a lot of emotional support and if she lacks it she may turn to food. So people around should take a proper care and should give all the emotional support to a pregnant women.

Exercise and Pregnancy: Is it safe

It is safe but prior doctor consultation should be made before doing any exercise during pregnancy. There is no proof that gentle exercise has any effect on pregnancy. If no medical complication is there, it is safe to do some exercise.

Under some medical conditions exercise might be harmful for the baby. If doctor approves a mother could start with mild exercise and slowly increase the activity. Walking, swimming or stationary cycling are common form of exercises which could be done but with consultation with doctor.

The risk of fall or injury should be avoided and even mild injury in and around tummy could be dangerous. Room should be well ventilated while excercise and lot of fluids should be taken while and after the excercise.

Award for Paltrow and her mom for promoting women

Film actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her mother Blythe Danner were the guests of honour at the 'Women in Film's Crystal and Lucy Awards' in Los Angeles.

The 'Lucy Award' named after comedy star Lucille Ball, was given to Blythe for improving the perception of women on television, according to The National Enquirer.

The 'Shakespeare in Love' beauty was given the 2004 Crystal Award for working consistently to enlarge the presence of women in the entertainment industry.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Labor pain relief option during pregnancy

Women generally have to go through hours of pain during child birth but a few tips below would ease the pain a bit if not remove it fully. If the childbirth happens at home little help could be given to mother then if the childbirth happens at hospitals where people are equipped to handle such situations. Various medication are available in the market to lower the pain during child birth.

For best results no medication should be used to lower the pain but some things could be done to lower the pain a bit. Worm water during birth is one of the best way to relief pain. During contractions if mother stands in shower with water falling on lower back could be very soothing.

Other method is submerging till pregnant belly in labor tubs which provides pain relief. Lower back massage could also reduce pain in back labor.

Breast feeding your child.

Is your baby getting enough milk.

If baby is gaining 1 pound per month and nursing 10-12 times per day shows baby is getting enough milk. The breast should feel softer and lighter at the end of every feed. In 1st few weeks baby have 6-8 wet diapers and at least 1-2 bowel movement.

The babies should be fed on demand i.e whenever he wishes. For the first few weeks he will need milk every 2-3 hours. Whe a baby cries he could be in need of milk or lonesome. If he cannot be confronted in any other way then nursing should be tried. The baby can't be overfed as he would stop when his stomach is full.

The babies should be nursed 10-15 minutes with every breast or when the breast feels soft. It is best to let him feed as long as he does not come off.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Premature babies, premature baby complications, labor, early labour

Premature babies is ofcourse a risk and some of premature babies dies due to result of being born too early and other may have certain complications as their organs are not ready to work properly outside the womb. The mother at risks may have certain symptoms which could be verified by tests however it is hard to predict accurately :-

Fibronectin test
Fetal fibronectin is the substance which stuck pregnancy with lining of the womb. In case of premature suspect it leaks through cervix. The positive women for this test could be taken special care early.

Cytokine signal failure
In the case of premature labour, there is a disruption in cytokine signaling.

Lungs are the last organ developed in babies inside the womb so respiratory diseases are most frequent in premature babies. Other reasons may be high blood pressure, diabetes, illness. 37 to 42 weeks is said to be ideal term of pregnancy. 24 weeks is certainly a danger from child birth.