Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pamela Anderson got new looks

Pamela Anderson got new looks
Pamela Anderson was rather unhappy recently. The reason was that the makers of stacked wanted her to wear some trashy sexpot outfits, rather then the sex and the city stuff she had expected to wear.

According to a source, about $25000 was budgeted for Pamela Anderson wardrobe, but she dug into her own pocket to the tune of $100,000 to buy extra, more elegant clothes.

With her mind made up, she headed straight for the Beverly hills store of her designer friend Stella Ma Cartney and as the source says, practically cleaned it out. She scoped up everything from cute sweaters and sexy dresses to Stella's trademark Vegan pumps.

Meanwhile Pam has turned Spice Girl for Bryan Adams, when the singer re-recorded his hit duet "When You're Gone" with her, replacing the original vocals from Spice Girl Mel C for this new anthology album.

Pamela and Bryan worked previously together on Adams 1999 book of photography "Made in Canada", for a photo in the book, where Pamela Anderson was wearing nothing but a Canadian Flag.


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