Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bhujanga Asana: Perfect for women who wants to be pregnant

Bhujanga or Cobra asana has backward bending movement. The spine is arched towards back that in turn helps in flexibility.

Method of performing this Asana.

1. First you should lie down on your stomach. Bend the head and neck backwards by keeping palms on floor just below the shoulder blades and the elbows should touch middle part of the body.
2. Raise the head and chest above naval upwards while inhaling. Keep your legs tight upto toes.
3. Be in this posture for 6 sec. Remember, you have to hold on your breath in this posture for 6 seconds.
4. Lower down your head towards floor and exhale. Relax your whole body and keep one of your cheeks on floor for minimum 6 sec. Congratulation, you have completed one round of Bhujanga Asana.

You could start it with 3 rounds and could go upto 4. Try to increase the time while you are up gradually. Do relax for some time in between rounds. Please don't do this asana during pregnancy.

benefits:- Improves spinal region, fresh blood supply to spines and increases flexibility. Energize the upper part of the body including chest, shoulders, head and helps give a younger looks to women. Helps in constipation and increases appetite. It also helps reduce the problems of uterus and ovaries, and helps in proper menstrual cycles. And above all it helps women and prepares her body for pregnancy.


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