Friday, July 02, 2004

Early symptom of pregnancy, the first symptom of pregnancy

The few of the early pregnancy symptoms which should not be ignored if you are trying for a child. The first symptom of pregnancy visible and could be felt swollen breasts, fatigue, Vomiting(most important symptom), sensitivity to odor's, frequent urination, Craving for certain foods, missed period.

The swollen breasts could happen due to increase in body hormones. The body makes extra effort in making the baby and increased level of hormones could collectively give a fatigue feeling even if no work is done during day. Due to increase of estrogen in the body system sensitivity to odors could increase. Some women could have a high sensitivity to odors like cauliflower or a Bologna sandwich.

Some women also gets repulsive feeling to certain foods which they enjoyed earlier and special liking for some. Due to increase in amount of blood and fluids in the body which happens during pregnancy, extra fluids are processed by kidneys which causes frequent urination.


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