Thursday, June 24, 2004

Premature babies, premature baby complications, labor, early labour

Premature babies is ofcourse a risk and some of premature babies dies due to result of being born too early and other may have certain complications as their organs are not ready to work properly outside the womb. The mother at risks may have certain symptoms which could be verified by tests however it is hard to predict accurately :-

Fibronectin test
Fetal fibronectin is the substance which stuck pregnancy with lining of the womb. In case of premature suspect it leaks through cervix. The positive women for this test could be taken special care early.

Cytokine signal failure
In the case of premature labour, there is a disruption in cytokine signaling.

Lungs are the last organ developed in babies inside the womb so respiratory diseases are most frequent in premature babies. Other reasons may be high blood pressure, diabetes, illness. 37 to 42 weeks is said to be ideal term of pregnancy. 24 weeks is certainly a danger from child birth.


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