Friday, June 25, 2004

Breast feeding your child.

Is your baby getting enough milk.

If baby is gaining 1 pound per month and nursing 10-12 times per day shows baby is getting enough milk. The breast should feel softer and lighter at the end of every feed. In 1st few weeks baby have 6-8 wet diapers and at least 1-2 bowel movement.

The babies should be fed on demand i.e whenever he wishes. For the first few weeks he will need milk every 2-3 hours. Whe a baby cries he could be in need of milk or lonesome. If he cannot be confronted in any other way then nursing should be tried. The baby can't be overfed as he would stop when his stomach is full.

The babies should be nursed 10-15 minutes with every breast or when the breast feels soft. It is best to let him feed as long as he does not come off.


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